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Care Guide Wooden and Lacquered Furniture

  1. Our collections of wooden furniture have solid woods, veneer wood, and lacquer painted furniture in both versions, matt and glossy.
  2. These include sideboards, consoles, nightstands, dressers, and others.
  3. Our furniture is usually finished in a durable matt lacquer (clear or colored) finish that protects it. In the case of furniture made with veneers of solid wood surfaces, sunlight will cause the wood to darken and mellow throughout its life.
  4. On the other hand, lacquer painted furniture can be damaged by direct sunlight.
  5. We recommend avoiding direct exposure to sunlight to prevent fading in both wooden and lacquer furniture.
  6. Solid woods may expand and shrink with differences in temperature and humidity. Take care not to place your furniture next to radiators or anywhere subject to excessive changes in temperature or moisture.
  7. We recommend that all kitchenware, décor vases, and other items should be placed on mats or protection under their bases, and any liquid spillages should be wiped away immediately.
  8. Same care recommendations should be applied to veneer wood products and lacquered products.
  9. For cleaning purposes wipe with a damp cloth before buffing with a dry cloth. A solution of mild soap on the cloth should be used in case that stubborn marks are on the furniture. Avoid the use of oily products to maintain the wooden and lacquered furniture.
  10. Never place hot items directly onto the furniture. The use of place mats and heat resistant cloth will protect it from any moisture provoked or a ring mark ingrained into the wood.
  11. For manipulation of all furniture pieces, or moving from one place to other in the house, avoid dragging them. Lift them carefully by two or more people to ensure the correct action and minimize risks.