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Habitus Furniture is committed to ensuring that individuals with disabilities can access all of the goods and services offered through its website. If you are having difficulty using the website or its display options, or you would like to provide feedback concerning the website or its display options, please call us at (305) 792-9771. If you cannot call us, you can also email us at

To assist with your shopping experience, Habitus Furniture provides font, text, color, and visibility options that enable you to customize our website display.

Font and Text Options:
Larger Fonts
Heavier Fonts
Serif Fonts
Greater Line Height

Other Options:
High-Visibility Focus Outline
Color Options
Default Colors
Higher Contrast Colors
Dark Colors
Inverted Colors
Hide Images

About Color Options:
Please note that not all color options are supported on all browsers. If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer, or older versions of Chrome, Firefox or Safari your browser may not change the colors in images when you select a color option. If this is the case, you may need to update your browser or select an alternate browser if you're using Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Additionally, when browsing with an enabled color option, actual product colors will vary from what is displayed on the website.